Here’s how you’ll get your printed keepsake photo packet:
1. Please locate your photos when you click on the link below. Photo numbers are listed as part of the photo file name (example: MotherSon2023-447.jpg. This example photo number is 447.)
2. Please reach out to us by Friday, May 26th with the following information –
a. your name
b. your photo number
c. your phone #
d. your complete mailing address
e. your email address
3. Contact us with the above mentioned  info via DM, or phone number at 931-484-4565 or email at
This information is needed to prepare your printed keepsake photo packet which includes your professional photo and a cardboard photo protector with Date Night date & logo info.
Once packets are prepared and ready for pick up (during the week of May 29th), you’ll be able to pick them up at Cumberland County Habitat for Humanity located at 329 McLarty Lane in Downtown Crossville. We’re open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00p.
Please contact Jessica with additional questions at 931-484-4565 or via email at